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A mentoring program is a one-to-one relationship with Faculty who are versed with UPSC experience and academic path required for cracking the Civil Service Exam. A mentor by doing strategic planning will prepare you for future milestones. Impactful mentoring programs train students to have good command in articulation of their knowledge in a objective way  i.e. For Prelims and Mains examination of UPSC.  

When Civil Service Exam Preparation is done in the right way it is an enjoyable experience for both students as well as Faculty.

Goals of Mentorship?

  • Achieving goals with the help of micro and macro targets.
  • Improving consistency during Preparation .
  • Channelizing the Academic knowledge of students in a correct way.
  • Diminish isolation and exclusivity.
  • Strengthening the positive aspects and improving on the weak aspects of students in both academic and non - academic fields. 


To Note :: 

  1. This programme also includes Current Affairs Prelims Test Series 2023.
  2.  A Faculty will be assigned to a student upto Interview 2023 for planning and strategizing the Preparation.
  3. Weekly targets at micro level and monthly targets at macro level will be followed in a strict manner by both students as well as Faculty. 
  4. The course duration will be  upto May 2023.
  5. Mode is mentorship is online.