Write Any Answer Program

Write Any Answer Program

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What you will learn?

  • You can identify your weak area and focus on writing answers of that particular topic and get it evaluated by experts.
  • Get to know your own level of preparedness with respect to the Civil Services Examination.
  • Get further inspired towards writing better answers and improving your own answer writing skill.
  • Get support and motivation from our Mentor
  • Understand the different nuances between the various operative words for example: “Critically Analyze”, “Discuss”, “Elucidate”, etc
  • Realizing a critical point that a “well-filled” answer isn’t the same as a “well-formed” answer.
  • Understanding the different narratives that a GS answer and Essay papers often need so as to invite high marks from the examiner.



  • You are free to write any institute’s mains General studies question, scan it and send the PDF file to academic.acumenias@gmail.com.
  • So, you are free to write tests whenever you want to. But Acumen IAS is committed to evaluate it for you and send you “your evaluated copy” within 48 hours.
  • Mentor support to enhance the quality of your answer.
  • Daily 1 answer evaluation to ensure quality.
  • 2 layer evaluation (Primarily by Answer Evaluation expert and reviewed by Core Faculty).
  • Course includes Evaluation of 20 answers and 1 Essay in a Month. (Model answers will not be provided).
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