Non Conventional Prelims Full Length Test Series 2021

Course Description

An Analysis of previous year questions:

       Prelims Year

             Questions from Non -    Conventional GS Topics (in marks)


              110 marks


              120 marks


              120 marks

Non - Conventional Topics - It is a test of your aptitude which you acquire by experience and common sense. For public service, aptitude is most important.

Prelims has now become more of a test of aptitude along with knowledge -  Analyse prelims paper since 2018 and you will feel this.



Q1. What is the objective of the test?

Answer. To adapt the students with the new pattern of upsc prelims exam and develop aptitude to solve questions.

Q2. What is the syllabus for this test?

Answer.  This is the test of your common sense and aptitude which you have developed by reading newspapers and conventional materials. You should have good command over conventional topics for attempting tests.

Q3. What should be the strategy  for  this Test? 

Answer. You need to widen your reading and give more focus on techniques such as logic based elimination, aptitude based problem solving, finding and eliminating narrow statements etc

Q4. What will be a safe score in the test?

Answer. In this test your presence of mind and holistic understanding of the issues will be checked, score is secondary so you don't need to worry much on score.

Q5. Will there be a discussion class after the test?

Answer. There will be a discussion class after every test.


Note* -- 

  • If you are fresher/given prelims one or two times and are not able to clear prelims we recommend you must join this since you are facing difficulty in solving non conventional topics. 
  • If you are aspiring for Forest service, we recommend you must join this since even 115 marks may not be a safe score in prelims.
  • Acumen IAS will help you in developing proper aptitude needed to score safe marks that is 120 marks.
  • 80 marks(conventional which you can easily score) + 40 marks( non conventional where we will be helping you by this test series.


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