Answer Writing Exercise 26/02/2020

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Q. What are various contributions of Sardar Patel to the Indian Freedom struggle and modern India?

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26-02-2020 05:54 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Nikhil, MARK- 4/10 Good information. Can try elaboration rather than pointing out the broad aspect. Keep writing. [Marks awarded for presentation and reduced for space utilization].


26-02-2020 15:42 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Lekshmi, MARK - 5/10. Well written. Needed facts are included. All the best.

Shivam Kumar

26-02-2020 16:49 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shivam, MARK -5/10. Clear way of writing pattern. Good try to have a structure. all the best


26-02-2020 19:39 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Raghuvanshi, MARK -3.5/10. Have the potential to improve. Work hard, practice more answers a day. Focus on sentence framing, grammar, legibility. All the best.


27-02-2020 03:37 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shreyas, 5.5/10. Well written. All the best

Tejaswini Yaramada

27-02-2020 05:59 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Tejaswini, MARK- 5/10. Well presented. Could add few more needed points, if you precise the arguments. All the best.


27-02-2020 16:09 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Rashmi, MARK- 4/10. Tried good structure. Be more elaborative. All the best.


14-03-2020 18:03 PM

Lalitendra pratap singh

14-03-2020 19:07 PM