[AAWE12] Answer Writing Exercise - 06/03/2020 (GS 3)

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Q. Discuss various reasons for growing anti-microbial resistance. Suggest some preventive measures. (150 words) 10 marks

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06-03-2020 11:39 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Rashmi, MARK- 3/10. Add more data and facts for gaining better marks. All the best.


06-03-2020 11:54 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Nikhil, MARK- 4/10. Good presentation. All the best


06-03-2020 14:45 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Lekshmi, MARK- 5/10. Extra marks awarded for presentation and marks reduced for exceeding word limit. All the best

Shivam Kumar

06-03-2020 14:46 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shivam, MARK -5/10. Good writing style. All the best.

Kumkum dhaka

06-03-2020 15:16 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Kumkum, MARK -4.5/10. Good information. Keep writing.


07-03-2020 03:09 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shreyas, MARK -4.5/10. Good lucid presentation. All the best


10-03-2020 08:23 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Ashish, MARK - 4.5/10. Good information and facts. Writing style using simple sentences is good. Add more dimensions in the 1st part. Keep writing. Please give feedback at


10-03-2020 08:26 AM


10-03-2020 08:29 AM