[AAWE11] Answer Writing Exercise - 04/03/2020 (GS 2)

Answer Writing Details

What do you understand by Citizen's Charter? Discuss its deficiencies and suggest measures to make the Citizen's Charter more effective. (250 words) 15 marks

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04-03-2020 02:56 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Nikhil, MARK- 6.5/15. Keep up your writing style and way of presentation. All the best

Kumkum dhaka

04-03-2020 09:44 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Kumkum, MARK- 6.5/15. Good use of data, which is necessary in GS 2 especially. all the best.

Tejaswini Yaramada

04-03-2020 16:46 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Tejaswini, MARK -6.5/15 Analysis and presentation is good. Keep writing style up. All the best.


04-03-2020 22:07 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Raghuvanshi, MARK- 5/15. Have good content. practice more answers to polish yourselves. All the best

Shivam Kumar

05-03-2020 17:11 PM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shivam, MARK -6/15. Well written with content. Be precise and balance the comprehensive ideas with readability. All the best.


06-03-2020 05:04 AM

Admin Remarks: Dear Shreyas, MARK- 6.5/15. Well constructed answer. Keep writing.


15-03-2020 18:18 PM